Type of the institute: Self Financed Technical Institutes
Complete Mailing Address: GALGOTIAS UNIVERSITY, UTTAR PRADESH Plot No.2, Sector 17-A Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India
Contact Person For Admission: Dr. Avadhesh Kumar
Designation: Professor & Dean Planning
Email: avadheshkumar@galgotiasuniversity.edu.in
Alternate Email: dean.planning@galgotiasuniversity.edu.in
Phone Nos: 0120-4806808
Fax No: 0120-4806888
Mobile No.: 9810680041
About the Institute:


Transcending new boundaries in education, research and placements.

Galgotias University is devoted to excellence in teaching, research and innovation, and to develop leaders who'll make a difference to the world. The University, which is based in Greater Noida, has an enrollment of over 15,000 students across more than 100 Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs.

The 'students-first' philosophy is a big reason why Galgotias University is consistently ranked among India's top universities. The focus of Galgotias University is on low student-to-faculty ratio that promotes plenty of personal attention and mentoring opportunities.

The record breaking placement at Galgotias this year is an apt testimony to its focus on upholding the highest academic standards right from selecting top faculty, introducing world-class pedagogical practices to personality development of the students.

Why Galgotias University

15,000 brilliant students
Top ranked institutes in Engineering, Management & Law
Students placed in Fortune 500 Companies, MNCs & leading corporate
Tie-up with MSME, Govt. of India to establish ‘Startups’
Upto 100% scholarship for meritorious students
52 Acres of Learning Environment
100+ Distinguished Faculty from top institutions
180+ Labs to explore
20+ Lacs worth of Research projects completed
1400 Seater on-campus Hostel that feels like Home
150+ Students studying with upto 100% scholarship
140+ Top Corporates visiting campus for recruitments

Choosing the right university is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We hope this website will give you an insight into what makes Galgotias University special and helps you make the best possible choice for your future.
Fee Structure:
Academic Fee Structure

S. No.


Tuition Fee

Other Components

Total Fee


B. Tech. Computer Science & Engg.

Rs. 149000/-

Rs. 10000/-

Rs. 159000/-


B. Tech. Mechanical Engg.

Rs. 149000/-

Rs. 10000/-

Rs. 159000/-


B. Tech. Automobile Engg.

Rs. 149000/-

Rs. 10000/-

Rs. 159000/-


B. Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engg.

Rs. 149000/-

Rs. 10000/-

Rs. 159000/-


B. Tech. Civil Engg.

Rs. 149000/-

Rs. 10000/-

Rs. 159000/-


B. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engg.

Rs. 149000/-

Rs. 10000/-

Rs. 159000/-


B.Tech. Electrical Engg.

Rs. 149000/-

Rs. 10000/-

Rs. 159000/-


B. Tech. Chemical Engg.

Rs. 149000/-

Rs. 10000/-

Rs. 159000/-

Hostel Fee Structure

Hostel Type

Seat Detail

Hostel Fee (AC)

Hostel Fee (Non-AC)


2 Seater

Rs. 1,40,000/-

Rs. 1,00,000/-


3 Seater

Rs. 1,40,000/-

Rs. 1,15,000/-


Note: Mess facility included in fee


Transport Fee:  From Botanical Garden (Sec-37, Noida) to Campus Two                Rs.  25,000/- (Per annum)

                           From Campus One to Campus Two                                                 Rs. 8,400/- (Per annum)

Academic Structure:

Details of Faculty

Name of Course/ Department

No. of Faculty



Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

B. Tech. Computer Science & Engg.





B. Tech. Mechanical Engg.





B. Tech. Automobile Engg.





B. Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engg.





B. Tech. Civil Engg.





B. Tech. Electronics & Communication Engg.





B.Tech. Electrical Engg,





B. Tech. Chemical Engg.





Student Life at Institute:

Student Clubs


At Galgotias University, students are encouraged to become a member of different clubs and committees. With over 40 different clubs, Galgotias University connects students to a platform where they can exchange knowledge, build awareness, and receive recognition.


Promote fellowship, share India’s rich cultural diversity and promote brotherhood.


Inform, inspire and connect students on a platform where they can exchange knowledge, build awareness, generate interest and receive recognition.

Administrative Committee

Administrative Committee is the main governing body for all student clubs at Galgotias University. The purpose of Administrative Committee is to register student clubs, assist clubs with events and activities, promote student interaction and involvement and also to allot funds to the registered clubs.


Cultural Society

·         Galgotias Studio D - The Dance Club

·         Galgotias Note Veda - The Music club

·         Galgotias The Actor's Hub-Dramatics Club

·         Galgotias Scintillations - The Fashion Club

·         Galgotias Spic Macay Club

·         Galgotias The Fine arts club

·         Galgotias CamCircle - The Photography Club

Sports Society

·         Galgotias Sports Society

Technical Society

·         Galgotias Gaming Club - F.R.A.G.

·         Galgotias The Creative club

·         Galgotias Quizita Mavens - Quiz Club

·         Galgotias Mechelites: Motorsports Club

Management Society

·         Galgotias Multicultural Business Scholar Club

·         Galgotias GU Management Club

·         Verve

·         The Humanity Saviours - They Do What They Can Do.


Galgotias Soccer League


The club provides opportunities to compete in amateur football at a variety of levels. Over the years, the club has organized a number of events which have been sponsored by SPORTYWAY, FRESCA JUICES, WOW, TGIP and Twenty19.com

Galgotias Sports Society

Hello this is abishek bhati from the city of speed Greater Noida. I an extremely optimist guy who believes in taking a decision and proving it right through my hardwork and dedication.

I believe sports is something which brings out a man out of a Man . It makes him more disciplined, cooperative, develops a sense of team work and the very important thing sportsman spirit..

I play all the sports and has a decorations in cricket and Volleyball.

Presently I am the sports society head.

Being on this position brings me a lot of enthusiasm with great responsibility..

I want every sports enthusiast in my college to play at his best and put his and the university's name as a sports tycoon..

Thank you
Abhishek Bhati


Galgotias Gaming Club - F.R.A.G.


Hailing From Mumbai, Yugansh Singh Did Not Let His Gaming Spirit Down And Followed It In University As Well.Being An Engineering Student He Gave Most Of His Free Time In Gaming.His Passion Paid Off And He Was Designated As The Head Of FRAG Club Of GU.He Is A Gaming Enthusiast Now And Invites Every Gamer And Non Gamer To Come Find Him If They Want Some Virtual Action In The Gaming Events

Contact Details :
Mobile: 8527655971
Email id: Yugs.singh@gmail.com

From A Very Small Town Of Basti, Uttar Pradesh, Shivam Singh Started His Journey As A Volunteer For GU Management Team But Was Soon Recognized For His Other Skill i.e, Gaming.Soon Appointed As The Head Of FRAG Club Which Was Formed This Year Itself.An Avid Gamer And A Football Lover Is An Expert FIFA Player.He Is A 2nd Year Law Student.His Expertise In Gaming And Tech Got Him The Deserved Position Of Head Of FRAG Club Which Organises Gaming Events.

Contact Details :
Mobile: 9473630260
Email id: Shivam.singh063@gmail.com

The Creative club

Creative Team

From The State Of Bihar, I'M Pashupati Mishra started my journey as a volunteer for G Quasar 2015,I served as Head Creative Coordinator,and am Current CREATIVE CLUB HEAD.I do Pro Graphics Designing And,Animation, i'm here to help you,uplift your talent and give you the chance to show your time beating talent,.

we would like to encourage freshers of this year to join this "Creative Club" so that we can expand the group of innovative peoples in this university to do something great.

we are here to judge,analyse and recognize your talent. so if you think that you can do something extraordinary then join our club,we will expand your kingdom everywhere. in future we want to make a hub of creative people in this university who will perform some extraordinary task to keep the name of our university high and even we are planning to go beyond that..

Pashupati Mishra 
Mobile: 9582994257
Email id: malikmishra2004@gmail.com


Quizita Mavens - Galgotias Quiz Club

The Quiz club simulates an interest in general knowledge and quizzing of all types. The club organizes various quiz events on different topics. The club also organizes the events other then quizzes which are also from same domain.

About the Heads

From the Pink City Jaipur, famous for its welcomeness. Shubham Modi is known for his academics. He is dedicated, hardworking and a creative thinker.

He started as a member of Fine Arts Club from the very beginning. He served as the coordinator of Fine Arts Club for 2 years.

Now, as a 3rd year student of Computer Science and Engineering he started his own club QUIZITA MAVENS - Galgotias Quiz Club with the purpose of spreading knowledge in an entertaining way and is the Club Head now. And now, its time for a topper to question others.....

Shubham Modi
Club Heads
Mobile: 7055556744
Email: mmooddii.shubham14@gmail.com


Being a girl with high thoughts and a propeller head, the girl named Yashi Grover from the state of Uttar Pradesh started her journey as a member of management team. A 3rd year student of Computer Science and Engineering with a brilliant mind now serves as a Club head of QUIZITA MAVENS- The Quiz Club. She is fully dedicated to work.

Yashi Grover
Club Heads
Mobile: 7042457846
Email: yashigrover3@gmail.com



Mechelites: Motorsports Club

Motorsports Club

Every year we build up a formula car and compete in formula student competition(nationally and internationally).

Currently making car for Formula Bharat 2017,it is gonna compete at kari motor speedway ,chennai from january 26-29

Last year competed in the same competion at Buddha international circuit and came 16th and 2in ncr.

Also we organise technical workshops for students giving them idea regarding the competition and technical aspects of formula student.

Automantra Racing

Club heads
Abhijeet Chaubey, Rahul Yadav



Galgotias Robotics and Innovation Club

Galgotias Robotics and Innovation Club Integrated Robotics and Intelligent Systems (I.R.I.S)


In IRIS, We are covering the IOT (Internet of Things) and Robotics with in-depth experience of programming and coding. It includes Robotics, Internet of Things, Micro development (for integrating robotics and bots with wireless devices) and Open Source Softwares development. The technical club will contribute in the providing the platform for GU students to mould their ideas to presentable and working models.

·         To promote IOT and Robotics In campus

·         Regularly organise Robothon, Hackathon and Workshop in Campus

·         Encourage Students to participate in open source software development

·         Enable students to participate at international and national level events.

What you will learn

·         Any club member can give session on topics as described above provided he/she has good knowledge on that topic. It will be a like a workshop, which can be done on Friday/ Saturday.

·         Robothon – Battle of Bots

·         Hackathons – Based on theme, participants can use any programming language to code their application within a certain time period. We are also thinking to overnight hackathon.

·         As a developer, Contribution on Github will also make a good resume and profile and increase chances for selection in Google Summer of Code (GSOC).

Selection of Students in Club

·         There is Google form for that, after filling the form further details will be provided.

·         Students in club must have to show atleast one project, bot, App (multidisciplinary approaches) in order to continue in club. Those who will not contribute to community will not be continued in club.

Multicultural Business Scholars club

Umair Ahmad
Mobile: +91 9456622415
Email id: mynameisumairahmad@gmail.com 
Club id: galgotias.scholars@gmail.com
Link:    https://m.facebook.com/BUSINESSINSANE/


Hi galgotias, this is Umair Ahmad a devoted student of business administration, was born in the himalayas of dehradun hails from the state of uttar pradesh aligarh, started my journey as a member of sponsorship team for G-Quasar15, since I was passionate and enthusiasm in managing the business tactics I was elected as the head of the business scholars club and I feel privileged for the same, as of now I have got the skills of true leader as in past I have won many awards in my school days my strengths are I like to take challenges that I can do it I like to take both challenges and failure in a balanced manner I believe I myself and I want perfection in everything, My goal for the club will be I want such a platform where we can grow our carrer, I will implement various motivational programmes for the same, my ethic is I never neglect an opportunity for the improvement.

Shivam Gupta
Mobile: +91 9639998886
Email id: riskyshivamgupta@gmail.com 



Hello all, this is Shivam Gupta from the state of uttar pradesh, bulandsheher, started my journey as a member of sponsorship team for G-Quasar15 since I had my own business running I was an exciting creature in everyone's eyes, I got the opportunity to serve the business scholars club for the university and at the same time I feel motivated and privileged, I will be using my skills for the club betterment and I won't leave any task incompletely my goal for the club will be I want to see my club as a benchmark to other clubs and I want to be one of the reasons

GU Management Club

Managment Team

GU MANAGEMENT TEAM is The Heart Of All Clubs, manages all the events organized by different Clubs in the University. 
We Provide Volunteers And Ushers For different Events Held thought out the year. 
We are a proud and hard working team.

Bhavya Hans, born and bought up in Delhi. she is second year student of bsc. Hons forensic science. She joined gu management team as a volunteer in 2015,presently she is head of gu management team


Shaurya Chauhan started his journey as a volunteer of GU Management Team. He also served as an OC Member of Nirmaan - Galgotias Youth Parliament( Asia's largest Youth Parliament). He also worked as a member of Sponsorship Team and Marketing Team as well for G-Quasar '16. He is a Second year Student of Computer Science & Engineering. His Management Skills got him the position of the Head of the GU Management Team, a Team which manages all the events organized by different Clubs of the University.

Mobile: +91-7053631800 
Mail: shaurya14chn@gmail.com


Sagar Kulshrestha belonging to Agra. Pursuing B.Com(Honours) from Galgotias University. started his journey as a volunteer of GU manegement team and as a member of dramatics club. In GQ’16 also worked for marketing team as well. Presently holding the position of Head of GU Management Team.

Mobile: +91-9958556908 
Mail: sagarkaystha1996@gmail.com


Verve the Society

Verve, as the name suggests, focuses and aims at showcasing enthusiastic and spirited individuals with various talents in college. Galgotias University is a huge crowd of students coming from all across the country from different states and even from foreign lands. In this crowd of thousands, making sure that everyone is given a chance to take the stage and sport his talent, is exactly what Verve strives to work for. Verve strives to make everyone feel like they're a part of something big. It provides a platform for the ones that wish to present their skills and abilities in weekly events. It also comprises of a team of members with fine management skills for organizing and volunteering in various fields of events in and outside college.

Aviral Bajpai
Head Coordinator: Verve - The Society
Mobile: 8447573965
Email id: aviralbajpai23@gmail.com

From the state of Uttar pradesh , I come from a city of Aligarh and started my journey in Galgotias university as a keen fresher looking for some clubs to enter and explore and contribute a little to the university and very soon became the part of the GU-CSE management club and became a volunteer. Later I got the opportunity to be the 1st year girls co-ordinator , and worked in the G-Quasar2016 managing and volunteering the team. I am a passionate, optimistic and a kind hearted person , who loves to believe in people . Because of my participation in debates, speeches and anchoring in many of the events in school , I don't fear in public appearances and the confidence comes along. I am a person who believes in smiling in whatever ups & downs life offers. and currently I am the head of VERVE- THE SOCIETY at the Galgotias University, studying B-tech in CSE IBM specialisation in business analytics.

Shivani Kulshrestha
Co head of VERVE - the society
Mobile: 9205918928
Email id: shivani.shivani210@gmail.com

This is Nikhil Chauhan from NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION. I have started my journey in CSE MANAGEMENT TEAM as a volunteer. In second year worked in G-qusar as a volunteer. Now presently in 3rd year student of computer science engineering and working at the post of HEAD COORDINATOR of VERVE - THE SOCIETY

Mobile: 9891206701 
Email id: devil.nikhil12@gmail.com




Galgotias Literary Society

From the resplendent city of Nawabs, Archit Kotwal is known for his paramount oratory and debating skills. He started his journey in the Literary club in his first year and anchored for G-Quasar,the annual fest of Galgotias University.

He has served as the Chief advisor of Nirmaan, Asia’s largest youth parliament in the year 2014 and has also participated in several MUN’s and Youth Parliament’s. He is best known for his demure nature and is an ardent team leader which makes him stand out.

He is a Final year student and currently serves as the head of the literary club(Lingo Freaks) of Galgotias University.

Archit 8800657808


Being a Delhi-ite, Aditi Singh started her journey as a member of the Literary Club, Lingo Freaks. She believes that hardwork can beat talent. She also worked in the Sponsorship Team for G-Quasar '16. She's in her second year of Computer Science & Engineering. After her hard work in Literary Club, she is appointed as the Head of Literary Club, Lingo Freaks.

Aditi 9709768485


Nirmaan Youth Parliament Report

Nirmaan Galgotias Youth Parliament is academic simulation of houses of Indian Parliament. Introduced under the guidance of Sh. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO, Galgotias University and Mrs. Vinnie Mathur, Dean, Student Affairs, Galgotias University it, has been turned into a mighty flame from a mere spark. It has been appreciated by leading MNC's, bureaucrats, cabinet ministers, industrialists, social service workers, et al.

Highlights of Youth Parliament:

Asia's Largest Youth Parliament

With innumerable partners in across 6 continents, and appreciations from the various people/organizations of matter, Gypnirman is Asia's largest youth parliament.

India's First College Youth Parliament

The first edition held in January, 2012 was also the very first youth parliament organized by any educational institution in India.

Tie UP with Various NGO/NPO

Gypnirman works for various other social causes and also partner with NGO's from time to time to working for the society.

Appreciation From Over 100 MNC

Gypnirman has received appreciation from United Nations, bureaucrats, politicians among various others.

Facebook : www.facebook.com/nirmaangyp
Twitter : @gypnirmaan
Website : www.gypnirmaan.com


Humans of Galgotias

A sapiosexual, blogger and a wanderlust; Venkatesh hails from from Patna, Bihar. He is pursuing Computer Science Engineering and works as a content writer for various websites like Youth Ki Awaaz, BuddyBits. His blogs has been retweeted by the likes of Shashi Tharoor, Tanmay Bhatt and Alan Wikins. Humans Of Galgotias, under him covers the story of every other person in GU because he firmly believes that every story matters in this mighty world.

He can be reached at:-
Mobile: +91 9643259210
Email id: venkateshgupta1800@gmail.com
Link:    fb.com/humansofGalgotiasOfficial





This is Abhishek Chauhan, student of Computer Science. I hail from Noida.

When Delhi(NCR) was busy in heated discussions over smog and its effect on the health of people, we planned to form an environment club to create awareness. We presented our proposal to Vinnie Mathur ma'am. She after a short discussion gave us a go ahead, and finally this Eco Club was formed.

Awareness To Protect Environment Society (A.P.E.S)Of Galgotias, is a move in the direction to create awareness among masses regarding the environment.

Our slogan is Green We Go!

We plan to make the activities of this club comprehensive and robust through various campaigns.


The more we are attached to the environment, the more affectionate we will be. We would bring the subject of environment closer to the heart of Galgotians through -

·         Organizing seminars and popular talks on environment.

·         Organizing Quizzes.

·         By covering some inspirational stories of Galgotians of what little step they took for the environment. It will in turn surely motivate the rest.

·         Campaign to stop the usage of plastic carry bags ,burning organic material ,and burning of crackers.

·         Organizing rallies and marches.

·         Attracting attention to various other environment protection issues.

·         Making people contemplate about future of some crucial agreements/projects like –‘Paris Climate Agreement’ ,’Ken –Betwa Link Project’ etc.


Recently, Adidas and Parley manufactured shoes from the recycled ocean plastic and a Bangalore based start-up converted discarded plastic bottles into plastic strings.

We anticipate, that people around us appreciate these stuffs as we will let people know about this through Social Media, Photography Events etc.


We also plan to Collaborate with some NGO’s of Delhi.


In the society, we plan to discuss our own daily habits so as to find alternatives to reduce harm to environment and to discuss what our old age habits were to conserve the environment.

This is what we wish to do through this environmental society.


Abhishek Chauhan

Grace Club

GRACE (Galgotias Rising Association For Civil Engineers)
Head : Prateek Saxena
Mobile: 8869821252
Email id: prateeksaxena2706@gmail.com

"From the city of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, I have always been interested in things which involve concepts, and learnings based on the stream I belong to- Civil Engineering. From taking part in and organizing and managing events such as Build-o-Bridge, the annual Bridge building competition, I have always been a keen learner. GRACE was a society founded in the year 2015, which aimed to cater to the students of the Civil department. I joined Grace, last year, to learn from my seniors, and be a part of the working environment. My success in the club, led me to be the head of the club, with an aim to take the club to a new level, organizing workshops, events, competitions, and much more activities."



Financial Assistance:


Galgotias University offers scholarships to meritorious students and students possessing exemplary skills in sports, performing arts or literature. Merit-cum-means scholarship is also available for other categories of students.

Merit Scholarship on Admission

The University offers scholarships to meritorious candidates based on her/his academic performance in qualifying examinations prescribed by the university, viz 10+2 or graduation, rank/score in All India/State Level Entrance/Aptitude Test and candidates possessing exemplary skills in sports, performing arts or literature.

100% tuition fee waiver for toppers of all Boards/Universities._50% tuition fee waiver as scholarship for students securing upto 4000th rank in the IIT-JEE._50% tuition fee waiver as scholarship for students securing upto 100th rank in the AIEEE._50% tuition fee waiver as scholarship for students securing upto 100th rank in the UPSEE._25% tuition fee waiver as scholarship for students securing 93% aggregate / PCM and above in class 12 or 80% marks in graduation._20% tuition fee waiver as scholarship for students securing upto 5000th rank in AIEEE or students scoring at least 70%tile in CAT or above 700 marks in MAT._50% tuition fee waiver as scholarship for students with gold or silver medal at the national level/state level in sports or have some exemplary achievements to their credit in the area of performing arts or literature.

Merit Scholarship during a program

In order to encourage students to achieve higher performance during their studies in an academic program, the university institutes merit scholarships for them in recognition of their academic achievements in the concerned programs of study. These scholarships are awarded every year from the second year onwards, after the declaration of the results, for a period of one year.

Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship

Scholarships are also available for economically weak or differently abled students, on a case-to-case basis depending on their performance in the qualifying examination.

Training & Placement:
Placement Details


Percentage of Students Placed

Percentage of Students Who Opted for Entrepreneurship & Family Business

Percentage of Students Who Opted For Higher Study


































































Students received Multiple Job Offers                                   45%

Students received Upto 05 Job Offer                         17%

Students Placed in Day 1 of Placement                                  41%





                                    Highest CTC Offered                                     Average CTC


10.00 LPA                                           3.35 LPA



Total Companies                    460

B.TECH/MCA                                    124

MBA                                       201

BBA                                        113

BMS                                        43

BCOM                                                30

BJMC                                                 54

MJMC                                                18

BCA                                        13

B.PHARM                              16

M.PHARM                             12



Location and Accessibility:


Plot No.2, Sector 17-A
Yamuna Expressway,
Greater Noida, Gautam Buddh Nagar,
Uttar Pradesh, India

Opposite Buddh International Circuit. 

Contact Call Centre:
(from 09:00 am-05:00 pm excluding Sundays)

Contact the office of the C.E.O

From Indira Gandhi International Airport

__Distance from Airport to GU is around 90 Kms._You can take a taxi, which will costs you around 2000-2200 INR or 50 US$ from Airport to GU._Alternatively you can take Metro Train (Rapid transit) i.e "Metro Airport Express" (run and managed by Delhi Metrorail Corp.) running from Airport to New Delhi Railway Station. It is a reliable and economical way for reaching to the university._Students can take a Metro get down at New Delhi Railway Station. From ISBT Kashmiri Gate near New Delhi Railway Station there is a direct Yellow DTC bus service available for Greater Noida Parichowk. Avail that bus service and reach to the Parichowk. From there you can take Auto to reach GU Campus which charges you around 50 INR.

From New Delhi Railway Station

__Distance from New Delhi Railway Station to GU is around 60 Kms._You can take a taxi to GU Campus which will costs you around 900 INR or 20 US$_Alternatively you can take Yellow DTC Bus Service from ISBT Kashmiri Gate which is near New Delhi Railway Station, for Greater Noida Parichowk. From Parichowk take auto which takes around 50 INR. to reach GU Campus.

From Ghaziabad Railway Station

__Distance from Ghaziabad Railway Station to GU Campus is around 60 Kms._You can take a taxi to GU Campus which will costs you around 500 INR_Alternatively you can take Yellow DTC Bus Service near Ghaziabad Railway Station to Parichowk, from Parichowk take auto to GU Campus which will charge you around 50 INR.


For National Admissions

Call Centre: 0120-4370000
(from 09:00 am-05:00 pm excluding Sundays)
+91 9582847072
(from 09:00 am-08:00 pm excluding Sundays)

Email :

For International Admissions

NRI / Foreign Nationals only:
+91 120-4806819


Academic Programwise Seats breakup:
Academic Program CodeAcademic Program NameOPENOPEN-PwDSCSC-PwDSTST-PwDOBC-NCLOBC-NCL-PwDTotalState/All India Seats
4109 Civil Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) 60 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 60 All India
4110 Computer Science and Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) 300 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 300 All India
4111 Electrical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) 60 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 60 All India
4114 Electronics and Communication Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) 60 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 60 All India
4125 Mechanical Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) 60 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 60 All India
4144 Electrical and Electronics Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) 240 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 240 All India
4181 Automobile Engineering (4 Years, Bachelor of Technology) 60 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 60 All India
  Total Seats 840 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 840